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As your website gains in popularity, you should rightly expect your wallet to grow alongside it. The number of visitors and potential customers on your website should directly correlate to its profits. However, you may not be noticing as dramatic of an increase as you originally thought. So, what gives? What are you doing to not receive these promised profits? The answer is simple: you aren't running your monetization efficiently. Monetizing your website is not a simple task, and it is of paramount importance to have a range of revenue sources. This article will offer a bit of insight on some of the most profitable website monetization methods.

1. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is when a company pays you to directly promote their products and send viewers to places where they can be purchased. It's a simple equation: you create a page, video, or other form of media relating to the product in question, and then provide a special referral link to the page it can be purchased on (typically on a website such as Amazon). If the viewer makes a purchase, you get a cut, often as much as 20% of the net profit. If you have an especially popular website, this can become a solid passive revenue source.


2. Pay Per Click Advertising: Google Adsense
Pay per click advertising is exactly what the name entails. Every time the advertisement is clicked, you get a small payout to your Google Adsense account. At the end of the month, the account balance is paid out via a method of your choice. This is a fantastic way to generate revenue fast, as it doesn't require any actions further than a click to be done by the user for you to get paid.


3. Selling Your Own Ad Space
If your website is trusted and popular, you may be able to privately sell ad space. While Google Adsense is flexible and simple to set up, it isn't nearly as profitable as selling your own ad space. Google, of course, takes a cut, and by reaching out to companies yourself, you get to take that cut for yourself. A great way to get started is by setting up an advertising page on your site. However, you should not attempt this method of advertising unless you already have a strong user base. Companies are generally only interested in advertising privately with larger websites, so without a high viewer count, you'll have a hard time making anything more than pocket change.


4. Sell a Digital Product
Selling digital goods is a fantastic way to make money. As they cost nothing to produce and distribute, digital goods such as eBooks are potentially massive sources of profit. Every type of website will typically have some form of digital item compatible with it, from a simple article or eBook to more complex forms of media such as graphics or even programs. Find something that fits your website, get it made, and let the money roll in.


5. Accept Sponsored Posts/Articles
If you run a popular blog or review website, you may have the opportunity to run sponsored articles or blog posts. Basically, companies will pay you to have their articles displayed on your website, to be viewed by your full audience. In addition to the initial fee, you may make additional revenue from affiliate bonuses, and any advertising on the page. Be sure to indicate which posts are sponsored, however, or you may face some legal trouble.


6. Set Up an Online Store
Yes, it's time to sell merchandise! Setting up an online store with products related to your website is a similar concept to selling digital products, but with notable differences. For one, you're selling physical items, so shipping and production costs must be taken into account. However, this type of store may hold wider appeal, and has a much larger slew of possibilities. It may be advisable to make sure that you have an easily recognized logo, and the merchandise isn't an advertisement itself. That may deter potential buyers, or even give your site a bad name.


7. Build an Email List
Building a list of emails is a great way to remind customers of important events and keep them thinking of your business. There's no cost to sending out emails, so you might as well do it. Informing viewers or customers of sales, new content, or anything else relating to your website is essential to making sure that they know about those events. However, it is important to allow recipients to opt out of receiving emails, or else they may block the emails entirely. An even better decision may be to allow multiple options for emails received, so that recipients can choose to only see emails which are important to them. Otherwise, they may lose potentially interesting emails among others which they do not care about.


8. Sell your Website
While it may be hard to relinquish your site, you can potentially make massive amounts of profit from it. If you have a high Alexa rank, or if you have a desirable URL, selling the website or just simply the URL can result in thousands of dollars in profit.


9. Ask for Donations
If you run a website which does not revolve around a store, such as a blog or forum, asking for donations is a good way to make some extra money. Many of the more active (or affluent) visitors to your site would be more than happy to support you and the site. All you have to do is ask nicely!


10. Generate "Leads" for Other Businesses
If you know your consumers and their potential interests, and don't mind handing them over, many businesses would be more than happy to pay you for that information. Providing info such as names and email contacts is all you'll need to do, and you may be able to find out their interests in posts and comments written by them.

Utilizing a few of these tips may be the key to making your website profitable. Turning your visitors into cash isn't as hard as it would seem, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and management. Start making money today from the visitors you already have, with these methods.

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