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If raking up views and popularity is a trendy marketing strategy to advertise your website or your online product or service is what you need then maximize your search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is an online strategy using keywords that somehow summarizes your website or site content. It creates an attraction to your web content in major search engines like GoogleSearch, Yahoo, Bing and others. Improving your SEO would ensure the popularity of your website by increasing your inlinks and pagelinks as well as increasing the number of viewers searching for contents related to your website.

Here are a few tips to improve your SEO ranking:

1. Pop the Title
Choose the right title that can attract attention. It has to summarize the content of your page and it has to contain the keywords you are using in SEO. The first thing to remember about search engines is that the title is the first thing that they display. Titles appear first in search results. Make sure that your title is eye-catching and curiosity stirring to make visitors want to see your site.

2. Divide and Conquer
Divide the content of your page and add heading tags. In generating HTML codes, you can add on heading tags or different heading levels. This creates an organizational pyramid generating importance levels in your webpage. In HTML codes, H1 is more valuable than H2 or H3 headings. This not only gives you an SEO advantage but it also gives you an idea on how you can create your web lay-out. Your web design may also depend on how many hierarchies you put in your content pages. But, you have to remember that you should limit your headings, make sure you divide your content pages properly than putting same ideas in different headings.

3. Let Your Pictures Speak 
Pictures can add SEO worth to your page. Take advantage of the title attribute in URLs. Use valuable keywords in putting title attributes in your images. You can use another attribute, the ALT attribute. You can use both attributes in adding captions about a link or a picture or image. Search engines also generate results by searching image texts thus making your page searchable.

4. Interactive Interface
You have to make sure that your page is not only rich in content but also easy for users to navigate their way through. Add link buttons at the top and bottom of your webpage. This way, not only can users go through you page easily but Google Search Engine can easily extract keyword information from your page. It is actually an easier way for visitors to like your page as well as give way for search engines to navigate through it as well.

5. Incorporate Tools 
Seeing all those long yet annoying web URLs will bring worth to the value of your webpage. Cleaning it up with a tool named mod_rewrite. Instead of having web URLs like this, mod_rewrite can change it to something simpler like

6. Add Rest to Address
Don’t forget about the importance of your webpage address. Your URL page links would have a great impact in search engines if you use your keywords on your webpage address. An address represents the content of your page, much like the title, the address should also carry the keyword you’re using or the content of your webpage. For example a webpage about android phones will have a more searchable address if the webpage address is than having a vague address like

7. Create a Mother Figure 
Websites always contain different pages and different content forms. No matter how many of your content varies, your website will always have that main link. Create a meta tag. A meta tag is like a keyword summary that is carried throughout your entire page and content. Generating a meta tag will greatly improve your SEO worth because search engines can easily go through your web content despite the different keywords each of your pages use and contain.

8. Outline Your Site
Define your website by giving a simple listing of every content or page in your website. Create a sitemap for your webpage; it’s like giving search engines a list of things in your itinerary of information that your website provides to any reader or visitor. It makes search engines easily extract keywords from your website and thus attract more attention in higher ranking in search results.

9. Tweak Your Searchable Content
Some search engines like Google can penalize webpages that contain duplicated information. In other words, the more information you have in your pages that was copied from other websites or other information that is identical to other websites, you’re actually putting your website in danger. You would want you page to be unique and original and in order to avoid being penalized. Block some of your content from search engine radar with the use of robots.txt. This tool helps you choose which parts of your page you want search engines to go over and which ones they should ignore.

10. Keyword Loyalty 
Make sure that you choose relevant SEO keywords. Built your webpage worth by being faithful to keywords that you want your page to rank high in. Always remember that no matter how simple this may be, it is one thing that is easily overlooked. Use these keywords more often in your page than other words. If you believe that some of your words were overused, you can stick to going with a thesaurus and choose synonyms of words to lessen the number of repeated words in your content. Help your page generate active keyword use, but don’t overdo it either.

There are plenty more ways to generate higher rating on your webpage but these SEO worth improvement tips can aid in attracting more visitors attention through search engines. SEO can greatly improve your popularity in numerous search engines and even create a higher value ranking on search results. No matter how informative and important your webpage may be but failure of maximizing your SEO or the lack thereof will guarantee your lower page value. Overtime, you will realize that the simple application of these tips mentioned above will make your pages worth clicking for. 

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